Ronnie Smith Buyers Club #3 @ Broken Spoke (11/05/10)

Part 3!!!! The proceeds from this fund raiser will ALL be used to benefit the Travis and Hays County FFA and 4H kids. That’s the entire purpose of the Ronnie Smith Memorial Buyers Group because that’s what Ronnie would have wanted.

Kevin Fowler and his band stepped up to the mics and “rocked the house”!  We don’t care how tired, down, or depressed you might think you are, these guys will make you smile, laugh and forget all your troubles.  Of course, the Kevin had a big surprise for all of us when he got Johnny Rodriquez up on stage to do a few songs with him and the band!

Didn’t get Johnny on video with Kevin, but did get this one.  Love “Butter Bean”…..can’t help smiling every time we see/hear Kevin sing it.