Austin Outhouse Reunion Day 1 @ Giddy Ups (04/09/2010)

Back in the 80’s there was a little place down by University of Texas called The Austin Outhouse. It was this type of place that led Austin to being called “Live Music Capital of the World”. Singers and songwriters hung out there that later made great names for themselves…..or not. Lots of stories, lots of music, lots of shenanigans.

We weren’t lucky enough to experience it ourselves, but have been told so much about it, we feel like we were there. And for one weekend in April, we were transported back in time with a lot of the originals…..a little older…..some, a little wiser….some not.  🙂  All are still as talented as they ever were.

This was a reunion for the musicians, but we got to watch, listen, and enjoy.  There was a lot of laughter, a few tears, and uncountable number of hugs.  There was a small cover charge with the proceeds going to benefit HAAM (Health Alliance for Austin Musicians) which has helped so many of our favorite musicians.