Weldon Henson @ The Broken Spoke (01/27/2010)

Weldon sent an invitation to all his fans, friends, family, and all their friends and family, to join him at the legendary Broken Spoke. They were going to be videoing and photographing the evening and he knew we’d all want to be involved….and we did!!

Add all the fun of the evening to a new camera for us and the fun was on!!

Make sure you catch Weldon and His Hired Guns soon. We think they’re really gonna go places and it sure is fun watching them go!! 🙂

P.S. A special thanks to John Cearley for all his advice and support during the whole camera purchase decision. And, to Winker Withaneye, for all the help and hints on how to take pictures without a flash!! These guys are great and a H*** of a lot better photographers than I’ll ever be. 🙂