Dead Sweethearts Ball (02/13/2009)

Valentines Day is sweet…..for lovers…..and friends.  But, sometimes it’s fun to have a little more cynical view of the day usually filled with hearts, flowers, and chocolate.
That’s easy to do with country music that often is filled with loving, lying, cheating, drinking, and dying songs.  Mix all that with a sense of humor and you have ‘Dead Sweethearts Ball’!!

A night filled with love songs gone wrong performed by some of the best musicians in Austin.  A tally is kept of all the ‘sweethearts’ that meet their demise in song and the manner of their death.

I know…….it sounds gruesome and I avoided attending for a long time.  Last year was my first ball and I plan to attend every year they celebrate.  It’s a lot more fun than roses that wilt after a few days!  🙂