Jason Roberts @ Theadgills (10/28/2008)

It’s real difficult deciding where to post the pictures and videos of Jason Roberts at Threadgills.

First, it was a birthday party for our friend Linda Branson.  But, anytime you have Jason on stage it’s a ‘Music Event’.  Sorry Linda, the ‘event’ won out!

Because of Jason’s duties with Ray Benson’s Asleep at the Wheel band, it’s a rare treat that we get to see him ‘up close and personal’ in an intimate setting like Threadgill’s Original where people like Janis Joplin used to play.  We would have been silly to miss the chance even if we weren’t wanting to wish Linda a happy birthday!!  And, I hope you won’t miss the next time he plays!

Jason does a great job on the bluesy ‘Trouble In Mind’. Read a little history of the song here

Eddie Rivers did a great job on the Bob Wills standard, ‘Can’t Go On This Way’

I was very remiss in getting this gentleman’s name. But, the audience sure knew him. And he did a great job on ‘Deep Water’

I enjoy Billy’s version of ‘The Other Woman’ almost as much as I enjoy listening to his originals!

Watch these guys do ‘Gone Gone Gone’…their fingers never once leave their hands!! 🙂

‘Under the X in Texas’……the classic western swing!!!