Gene Watson @ Coupland Dancehall (08/18/2007)

When I was growing up, I loved music…..listened to the radio while I played, did my homework, visited with friends.  But, I “listened to the music”…not the the musicians or the songwriter.  As a result, I knew the words to a LOT of songs, but couldn’t tell you who made them popular.

That is until about four years ago when some friends and I were listening to Heybale.  Gary Claxton did “Farewell Party” and my friend, Mike Crump, asked if I knew who had recorded the song.  Of course I didn’t!  Mike told me (one of the few times he took pity on me!) and told me some of the other songs Gene Watson had hits with.  I was hooked!  I loved all those songs!  But, I didn’t know much about Gene!  By the time I finished researching, I was hooked on two things……..Gene Watson AND learning about the musicians responsible for all that music I love so much!

Tickets to this show were a great birthday gift from Dobie to Teree & I.

Jason Allen was opening the show so, Gene could have lost his voice & all his charisma and we would have still been happy.  Thankfully, though, he didn’t!

His voice is still as strong and melodious as it was in the ’70s and ’80s.  And he definitely knows how to capture his audience.  As I looked around, there were people dancing, and a lot of people just watching the stage.  But, there wasn’t anyone ignoring the show as happens sometimes.  Everyone seemed to know they were seeing a legend.

I wish I’d captured a video or two to share with you, but you know how I am about only doing that if I have permission from the artist.  And, I was tooooo “in awe” of Mr. Watson to even talk to him much less attempt to get permission!!  I was just happy taking pictures!!  🙂