Uncle Fud @ Ino’z (07/01/2006)

What a fun time!! It was July 4th weekend and…..for a change, the heat wasn’t stifling…..at least not down on the Ino’z patio in Wimberley!

Fred had told me several times I should come hear the band and at the same time warned me it wasn’t ‘country’. Oh, he said they did some ‘country’ songs, but they didn’t do them right! 🙂 I really had no idea what to expect…..but it was July 4th! I didn’t want to stay home!!

After 30 minutes trying to find a parking space in ‘downtown’ Wimberley on Market Day, I started to question the decision to not stay home! Once I got to Ino’z though, all doubts were gone!

Fred was right, it wasn’t ‘country’, but it was so enjoyable! And, there were some songs that could go country very easily! Mostly, it was originals….some fun (Oatmeal and The Train Song)….some thoughtful (Love What You Do)…..some regional (Texas Girl)…..all good.

Ino’z is a restaurant and it was very busy. But, I managed to get a good table and….with the help of the camera’s zoom lens….I got some good pictures. And, I quickly forgot the 30 minutes in traffic around a 3 block area trying to find a parking place! In fact, that 30 minutes was a small price to pay for all the entertainment! I just know to get there earlier next time!!