Doug Moreland @ The Saxon Pub (03/09/06)

Doug Moreland has been around the Austin country music scene for a long time.  He’s a talented singer-song writer, fiddle & guitar player, comedian, and…..chain saw artist!  (I’m sure I’ve missed a talent or two!!)

Doug and the guys started playing the Saxon Pub for the Thursday night Happy Hour and it presented a perfect change for me to see Doug’s new show.  I’d stopped in the week before, but, didn’t have my camera with me (shock!!).  This time, I planned ahead a little and remembered to pack it in the car when I left for work.

I didn’t take too many pictures….after all, it’s only a 1 1/2 hour show!  Besides, I was enjoying the show way too much to be worrying about ‘good shots’….but, I got a few anyway!   Besides, there’ll be more chances!

I’ve thought for a long time about what I would say about Doug….and, haven’t really found the ‘perfect’ intro that does him justice.  So…..I’m going to recommend you visit his website (  There, you can read about Doug’s life and career, enjoy Doug’s humor, watch video clips, check out his chainsaw art, meet some of his friends, and learn about his best friend Jalapeño, his new friend Sadie, and little Winston Moreland!

Most of all, make it a point to go see Doug the next time he plays near you.  You’ll be entertained and walk out with a smile on your face….promise!