Wes Hayden @ Hill’s Cafe (11/09/05)

We’ve been blessed to meet so many musicians that are talented and just really sweet people.  Some times they kind of ‘disappear’ for a while and make us happy when they ‘re-appear’.

Wes Hayden is one of those musicians.  We met Wes in 2004 and fell ‘in love’ with him.  I’ve never met his folks, but they did a good job raising him.  They should be proud.

We’d see him down at Nephew’s at the Tuesday Country Nite.  And, at Hill’s Cafe doing an acoustic show.  Sometimes he’d come into a gig we were at and would get up to do a song or two. We always enjoyed visiting him and loved it when he’d sing George Strait’s 1981 hit, Blame it on Mexico, or one of Keith Whitley’s hits.  Of course, we enjoyed the Merle Haggard songs.  And, especially his originals.

Then, he came up ‘missing’.  We lost track of him.  Until a fall night at Hill’s Cafe.  When we heard Wes was playing a Wednesday night at Hill’s Cafe, we knew we were going.

The night was pleasantly fall-like….for Texas that is.  Here it was November and the temperature was in the 70s at 7:30pm!  It was still a pleasant night out under the historic old oak trees that have been there forever.

Bill Rice opened the show with an acoustic set for an hour.  I didn’t get any pictures of him because we were eating, but he still entertained us well.  Then, the ‘main attraction…..Wes Hayden!  🙂   It was so good to see him on stage again.

Wes has a new CD coming out with all originals except one.  What a treat!  He sang them all……and the crowd loved them!  Especially us!

When you have a chance, catch this young man at your favorite music venue…..you won’t be disappointed.  Oh yeah…..get a copy of that CD, too!