“Wings of Life” Benefit for Frankie McKenzie (11/06/2005)

I’ve always said….and it’s proven over and over again….musicians rally to the cause when there is someone in need.  This Sunday it was a ‘Wings Of Life’ Celebration to benefit Frankie McKenzie, a really sweet lady fighting cancer.

Again, it took place at the beautiful Painted Horse Pavilion.  The Lowden’s graciously opened the doors of their facility and invited us in.

Sam Bentley and Clay Harrell provided some great entertainment.  And, at the end of the afternoon, Benny and Brittany McArthur treated us to a few selections.

It was a beautiful day, the surroundings were a dream, the people were friendly and generous.

That’s what a ‘benefit’ is all about!

A little personal note:  When you hear about musicians playing on a Sunday afternoon for a benefit, remember…..they probably didn’t get home ’til 3 or 4am because they had a gig the night before.  If they feel an event is worthy enough for them to donate their time, efforts, and talent, when they’re already tired……it’s probably worth your time and $5 or $10 to get in the door.  Yes, I said ‘donate’.  There are some benefits that pay the musicians, but, they’re few and far between.  (I’ll get off my soapbox now!)