Rusty Wier @ Gruene Hall (07/16/2005)

July 16, 2005……we’d gone to Gruene Hall to see Dale Watson and His Lonestars, but were looking forward to seeing Rusty Wier as well.  The last time we’d seen Rusty was at the Saxon Pub in Austin.  That’s a small venue, late at night.  Rusty did his ‘story songs’ and thoroughly entertained us.  This night wasn’t like that.  Rusty was doing his blues, and his rock-n-roll with a little bit of story telling.  The crowd was huge and you could tell they loved him.  But, it was HOT and no place to sit.  We love Rusty, but I think we’ll wait for a cooler night to stay for the whole show.  😉

Take the time to check Rusty’s website.  I think you’ll be impressed with this story-teller/artist…..especially if you’ve ever heard the song ‘Don’t It Make You Wanna Dance’  which he wrote.