Acuna Benefit @ The Painted Horse (06/05/2005)

Musicians are really neat people…sometimes a little weird, but, ‘special’.  If you need proof, just let them find out a benefit is being held for someone in trouble and watch them show up to lend their talent (and merchandise) to the cause…especially a child.

A local little girl was diagnosed with cancer.  Her family is going through all the struggles a devastating disease brings about.  They aren’t asking for help…they believe they should handle everything themselves.

They hadn’t counted on Brittany McArthur finding out about their plight.

Two years ago, Brittany faced the same struggle herself.  The music community pulled together then to raise the money for her dad to accompany her to the M D Anderson Clinic.  She is now a ‘cancer survivor’ with a baby of her own.  She has wanted to ‘pay back’ all the help they’d received.  When she saw a collection jar for little Brianna, the idea for a benefit was born.

She talked with her dad, Benny….a member of George Strait’s Ace in the Hole Band.  He agreed it was a good cause and the two of them started talking to musicians and organizations to get donations of goods, services, and time.  It all came together at the Painted Horse Pavilion in Buda, TX, on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

Some of the highlights were Brittany and Benny doing our favorite….Bonnie Raitt’s hit, ‘Angel from Montgomery’, Bobby Flores who never fails to capture his audience (us included), and the great Freddie Powers who has written more Merle Haggard hit songs than Merle even remembers!

We enjoyed the John Bendele Band doing some of our favorites.  And, of course, Haydn Vitera livened the place up.  Things got quiet during the live auction.  Lots of bidding, though….raising money for little Brianna.  After the auction, a band called The Reunion woke up the entire Pavilion and all the neighbors!!

After The Reunion, Johnny Dee and the Rocket 88’s kept the rockin’ and rollin’ going on.  THEN….Deryl Dodd got on stage to finish out the night.   I’ve listened to Deryl a lot, but this was the first time I got to see him in person…..I hope it won’t be the last!

There are so many pictures, so many people I don’t have names for, but, I couldn’t leave anything out!  These people came together for a very sweet little girl….every person deserves to be ‘honored’ for their participation!  These pages are the only way I know how to honor them.  If you know a name I’ve left out (or gotten wrong), leave me a note on the ‘Email Us’ page……I’ll fix the omission!