Threadgill’s Austin Songwriters Group (06/01/2005)

We got to Threadgill’s early enough to get our ‘best’ seats and enjoy some delicious food (Dobie says to try the meatloaf….I recommend the steak!).  The Austin Songwriter’s Group got started at 7pm with songwriters treating the audience to some of their original material.  I apologize to them for not getting all their names.  One name I did get was Kim Townsend.  She impressed me with her talent and humor…I hope to see her again soon.

At 8pm, the ‘main attraction’ came on.  Haydn Vitera, Jason Allen, and Dale Watson!  Three of our favorites!!  Haydn had to leave early for another gig, but, he managed to captivate the audience while he was there.  All the guys have enough original material they could entertain into next month without repeating any songs and they were having enough fun, I think they considered doing exactly that!  😉

We also got to meet Paul Mosqueda of Golden Moments Photography who graciously shared tips about photography.  I really appreciated the help since I was using the new camera for the first time.  Between his tips and the features of the camera, I actually managed to get some great shots….and never left my seat!

It was a ‘magic’ night, and proved once again that Austin, TX, is a great place to be if you love good music and appreciate those who share their talents with all of us.