Kevin Fowler @ Midnight Rodeo (10/30/2004)

Kevin has played Midnight Rodeo a lot and it’s always a wild night.  We thought about not going because we knew it would be a ‘zoo’.  But, we hadn’t seen the guys for a while and Teree was down for the weekend so we decided we’d go anyway.  We were right…it was a ‘zoo’!!  We got there early, but not early enough to get what we would call ‘decent’ seats much less ‘good’ ones.

So, there we were with some of the worst seats we’d ever had.  Couldn’t see hardly anything.  We weren’t having much fun.  The guys were GREAT…..we just couldn’t see.  And, anyone that’s been to a Kevin Fowler show knows that ‘seeing’ the show is 9/10ths of the experience.  No band has as much energy as these guys.

Then, Mikey appeared on stage….in costume!   Everything else was forgiven!  Kevin and the band had NO idea what was going on ’til Mikey walked on….in full costume….with a drink in one hand and a beer for Kevin!

The entire band ‘lost it’!  The show was stopped!  (You’ll have to look at the pictures to see what all the fuss was about!)  Kevin finally gave up, introduced Mikey and had him lead the audience in Beer, Bait, and Ammo.  And….yes, folks….Mikey IS the one that makes sure the band arrives at all gigs safely.  Don’t let the dress fool you!

Just proves one thing……you NEVER know what to expect when Kevin’s on stage!