Dale Watson @ Nutty Brown Cafe (10/08/2004)

There’s a restaurant west of Austin called The Nutty Brown Cafe. They have a beautiful patio and stage out back under giant oak trees. The night was perfect when the guys were scheduled to play. The temperature was just right for being outdoors under the big Texas sky filled with sparkling stars.

There was one problem….it was ‘mating season’ for tree roaches.
For those of you that don’t live in Texas, these are NOT the same roaches seen in Yankee-land! These things live in the live oak trees and are HUGE. They’re also very aggressive during ‘mating season’. They won’t hurt you, they don’t bite. BUT….they come at you out of nowhere…..and they hang-on!! Anyone that knows me, knows I have an extreme aversion to any insect. I was so jumpy I DUCKED if a breeze blew by!

The guys were affected the most, though, since they were right under the oak tree Herbie amazed us with his ability to keep a perfect beat while swatting bugs. Now, we know Herbie moves fast when he’s playing, but you should’ve seen him this night! Dale had one of the critters go down his shirt…..and, kept on playing and singing while trying to find it and get it out……a whole new ‘Elvis dance’ was born!

We were so entranced by all the goings on with the bugs, I didn’t get very many pictures. Never did get close enough for a good picture of Herbie (dern bugs!!).