Dale Watson @ The Continental (08/16/2004)

Elvis Country Night!!!

On August 16, 1977, the world lost Elvis Presley (www.WashingtonPost.com).  Dale chose to honor The King with an ‘Elvis Country Night’ at his regular Monday night Continental Club gig.  This alone would have made an interesting night with special guests Kira Small and John Blondell.  But, the excitement didn’t stop with Elvis!

Earlier, the Paramount Theatre had hosted Billy Joe Shaver’s 65th birthday bash with musicians getting on stage to honor Billy.  A lot (most?) of those folks came down to the Continental afterwards…..even Billy Joe showed up!  He and Jackson Taylor were the only two artists to get on stage with the band, but, having the rest in the audience added to the natural excitement for everyone…..including Dale.

There were so many pictures taken that night, that I’ve split them up into 3 pages.  Click on the links in the side bar to see them all.

This was just one more example of why you should never miss one of Dale’s shows.   It’s hard telling who will show up or what will happen!