Kevin Fowler @ Abilene (07/04/2004)

4th of July fell on a Saturday this year so it was a long weekend and Kevin Fowler was playing in Abilene. Angie called all excited. She and Kevin were going to go! They wanted us to go, too. After all, if they could drive all the way from Jackson, MS, the least we could do was drive from Austin!! We agreed, of course!

We left Austin in the wee hours of Saturday morning and rolled into Abilene about 8am. We scouted out the location of the venue (outdoors) and found a hotel close by. Angie and Kevin had been in town overnight, but weren’t ready to get up. So, we went for breakfast then found them and got them to move to our hotel.

I had told Mike what we were going to do. Bless his heart, he talked to Kevin and got us ‘on the list’! What a treat for everyone, especially for our Mississippi friends!

When we actually got into the venue, we found it was in the pit area of the racetrack… grass… shade……no seats…..lots of wind!!

The grounds opened at noon, but we waited ’til about an hour before the show was supposed to start. The show was late. It was a bring-your-own-beer event, a lot of people did. By the time Kevin got on stage, it was after 10pm and some of the audience had been drinking for close to 11 hours. ‘Nuff said!

The wind was still blowing, Kevin couldn’t even wear his cowboy hat! But they did a great show and afterwards, Angie and Kevin had a chance to talk with ‘our Kevin’ and take several pictures.

We were dirty, sun burned, wind blown, totally worn out…..but it was worth it!!