Dale Watson @ Ginny’s Little Longhorn (04/18/2004)

Any Sunday afternoon, you can stop by Ginny’s Little Longhorn for Chicken Sh– Sunday where you get ‘free hot dogs (not any dogs….Ginny dogs!!), $1.50 Lone Stars, and three (yes…three!!!) chances to win Chicken Sh!t Bingo’.   That quote is from Dale who you’ll find in the back corner on ‘the stage’.

He and the guys are there entertaining and just having fun from 4-8pm whenever they’re in town.  It’s such a tradition, I think they feel it’s more ‘home’ than ‘gig’.   The entire place isn’t bigger than a minute, but you can have more fun there than at any huge fancy nightclub.

Ginny’s behind the bar in her special chair keeping watch on the guys and on everything in general.  Sharon and Terri keep everyone supplied with their favorite brew.  As for the people…..well, you can meet all kinds from everywhere.   Everyone is there to have fun.

So….what is Chicken Sh!t Bingo?   Well…..they cover a pool table with a cage.  The bottom of the cage has numbered squares.  Three times during the afternoon, numbered tickets drawn from a little velvet sack are sold.  No picking of numbers….it’s totally random.  Then, at 5, 6, and 7pm ‘Little Red’ is placed in the cage.  Little Red ‘picks’ one of the squares, and the person with the matching ticket wins $100.  The winner is  ‘interviewed’ to find out where they’re from and what they plan to do with all the money.  (The last part is so all their friends know who’s buying the next round.)  TexasAndMusic.comThere’s an ‘all-time Chicken Sh!t winner’ and ‘all-time Chicken Sh!t loser’.  (That title was finally been passed on to someone new.)

Considering all of the above, we just had to take Linda when she was in town for her birthday.  Obviously, she had never heard of such a thing as Chicken Sh!t Bingo and thought we were making fun of her.   Was she in for a surprise!  Unfortunately, we were having so much fun, we forgot to take very many pictures!!!

Linda had no idea what to expect.  Neither did Lloyd! What a blast we had.  Dale and the band were playing. The crowd was dancing, the chili dogs were ready, the Lone Star Beer was cold, & Little Red made three people Chicken Sh– Winners!

Keep in mind…..this was our fifth day of being constantly on the go!! We were so tired, we didn’t even take a lot of pictures. We had enough energy to go to the Continental Club that night, though, to see James Hand and Heybale…..we just didn’t get any pictures of them!