Jason Allen @ Club 21 (04/17/2004)

We didn’t get home from West Columbia ’til the wee hours of the morning so the order of the day on Saturday was to sleep late.

Couldn’t sleep too late, though. Linda and I were going to a picnic for James Hand out west of town. We just didn’t realize how far west! Or just how ‘remote’ the ranch was. It was a beautiful drive and the ranch was unbelievable. There’s even a barn filled with old antiques that are rented out to movie companies….complete with an old post office and a coffin! Too bad it took over an hour to get there……we had to leave almost as soon as we arrived.

On the way back to town, the cell phone started ringing. Lloyd had gotten into town and needed a place to stay. We met up with him on the edge of Kyle and informed him he was going to a club to listen to country music! Not his normal genre of music, but we all need to expand our horizons occasionally!

Linda and I got cleaned up and we headed over to Club 21 (thankfully just 8 miles this time!) where Jason Allen was playing. Linda met new ‘friends’ when she shared Lloyd’s vodka. 😉 And, who should show up but Keith Kelso and Ricky Calmbach!

We were having so much fun, but, glad the club closes early…..we were starting to run out of steam!