Kevin Fowler @ W. Columbia Festival (04/16/2004)

This was the loooong trip of the week for Linda’s birthday. Kevin Fowler was playing a festival in West Columbia down by Houston. It was going to be the closest he’d play during the time Linda was in town. Of course we had to go.

Linda, Dobie, Teree, and I headed southeast. I’d recently had lasik eye surgery and, while I could see just fine, reading road signs was a little tricky. Linda’s job was to watch for the speed zone signs. That was the wrong assignment. We kept missing the signs, but, we now know where every cow, horse, and goat is between Kyle and West Columbia!! Thank you, Linda!!

West Columbia is a small town so you would think that everyone in town would know where the festival was taking place. Especially if there was a big purple bus sitting somewhere in town!! Wrong!! The guy at the first convenience store we stopped at on the edge of town didn’t even know there was a festival much less where it was being held! The second stop proved much more informative!

At the second stop we left it up to Dobie to find out where we should be going….the rest of us were more interested in finding a restroom!

When we gathered back at the front of the store, we found Dobie talking to Trey who not only knew where we were going, he was going to let us follow him!

Back on the road!! All of a sudden, Trey stopped his truck, leaned out and yelled back at us, ‘ARE YOU HUNGRY?’. Of course we were! He motioned for us to keep following and pulled into a little BBQ place. We ate some of the best BBQ and met some of the nicest people!!

With our appetites appeased, we headed on out to the festival (another 2 blocks!). Sure enough, there sat the big purple bus! We were in the right place!

Mike had put Linda and I on the guest list which helped Linda feel ‘special’. Inside, the crowd wasn’t very big, but, the show was great! We got souvenirs and Kevin posed while we got pictures of everyone. Everyone was surprised we were heading back home that night, but we knew we still had lots of partying to do!!